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Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Time:9:35 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
I FUCKING HATE BASKETBALL! AND DON'T REALLY GIVE TWO SHITS WHO KNOWS. Sorry to the girls on the team that actually care. I'm being insensitive, but I hate it. Thanks to the girls who made it fun, you all seriously did, but I just do not like how it turned out this year.

Love Emily.
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Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Time:4:10 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
This weekend ended up being really good. The past couple of weekends have been really good as a matter of fact! Hell! The past couple of weeks have been just awesome.

I was so tired at school on Friday. My dumb ass stayed up too late Thursday, but I'm glad I did. Late night phone calls for the hell of it are the best! But anyways... After school I took Chelsey home and hung out with her for a little bit. Then I headed over to my mom's house to get ready for the game. Alan came over while I was getting ready. He surprised me with the Josh Gracin CD I wanted! I was so happy. After I was all ready, we headed over to my Dad's house so I could get something and say Hi to the rents. Then we made our way to the Bistro for dinner. It was soooooo good. We split a Paw Paw Steak and it was awesome. We talked to Molly for a while there too. Then we went to Decatur for the Lawrence game. Lawrence got killed, but it was still pretty fun and I had to go and support my boy Dev! I saw Rodney! I hadn't seen him in forever! So that was good. We left at the beginning of the fourth quarter and headed up to Kalamazoo. We met Paul at some guys' house and hung out for a while. And then went over to some other apartment for a little bit. Then we went back to Paul's house and just hung out. It was a great night though!

Saturday I went to work in the morning. It was an okay day. I walked out of there with about thirty bucks. So that was good. I came home and just chilled for a while. Then I started to do some laundry for a while. I went to go get some gas in the van and a coffee and I came home to Alan being there! So we just hung out for a while. We played fucking video games for sooo long! It was hilarious. I loved it. Then we decided to go and rent a movie. We ended up getting Ammityville Horror. Then we just came back to my house and watched it. We had a really great, long talk after the movie. He ended up leaving at two I think.

I woke up this morning at about eight because me and Dede and Chelsey and some other people were suppose to go to breakfast, but that plan fell through. So I just fell back asleep till about noon. After I woke up, I cleaned my bathroom and put all my new stuff in it. It looks super cute! Then my momma called me to see if I wanted to go up to Kalamazoo. So we headed up to the mall. I ended up getting a couple of long-sleeve shirts, a new purse, and a shirt for Alan. I got some chinese too! But now I'm home and just hanging out. I think I might jump into the tanning bed for a little bit. Then later on I think I'm going to watch football at Al's.

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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Time:7:07 am.
Mood: giggly.
Awesome week. Now time to start a new one.

Happy Birthday to Alex, Chels, Branny, Molly, Ash, and Whitney. All their birthdays were this week. So there is an extra one for you.

I'm absolutley exhausted and I NEED to catch up on sleep this week. It is a must.

I have a lot going on this week as well. I need a damn car.

I havn't felt this good in a really long time. I really like it too. Life is treating me pretty good latley. Except for the lack of sleep, but I'll get over it.

Homecoming was so much fun. Our class fucking rules. First in Games Day. First in Float. Damn, we are good. I saw a lot of people at the game too. That was good. I talked to Ash for a while. I miss that girl!

Basketball against K.Christian and Pennfield this week. Practice all the other days. I think I'm going to the Lawrence game Friday. I gotta go and watch Dev!

I was really lazy all weekend actually. Well, besides work, I was still lazy. I didn't go out because I was so tired. I did go to Whitney's party though so I could see my girl!

Only one little bit of drama out of the whole week. But it's really, really stupid, so we aren't even going to count it. Okay? [:

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Time:1:41 am.
Mood: giddy.
"Emily, Words can't even explain you."

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Monday, September 26th, 2005

Time:8:28 am.
Mood: excited.
Saturday night was soo much fun. It was a great time with Chelsea and Amanda up in K-Zoo.

I fucking love kisses. Especially when they are realy, really good ones. ;]

I was pretty miserable all day yesterday. I went to Float Building though and that was fun. Our class is awesome. I love it. I talked to the new kid, Bob, and he's really cool. RIGHT DE?! Haha. Then I came home, tanned, and went to practice. I was so tired. But it was alright. After practice, I took a shower and came to my mom's house. I had a good time last night, but I'm not going to get into that. I was happy though when I went to bed, let's just keep it at that.

Now I'm just waiting until my orthodontist appt. They are going to yell at me because I havn't been wearing my retainer. Ohh well. We have a game tonight too in Plainwell. I hate away games. Then LAGUNA tonight! I hope I make it home in time.

I'm glad I can say, life is going pretty damn good right now. ♥
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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Time:3:01 pm.
Mood: jubilant.
I've been so busy latley, so sorry about the not so many updates. But things have been going pretty decent.

I'm not going to write much though. Except for I love Whitney Blake Pursley for being a great friend. You're the best Whit. Sunday's talk was MUCH needed. I'm so happy you're a part of my life! I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY WOPRAH!♥

And also tomorrow is Friday. I'm super happy about that because a)The end of the school week. And b)FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! Yay. I'm soo exited. And it is the big Paw Paw vs. Pennfield game. Me, Kaylee, Sarah, and possibly Buhl are taking the van up there. It's going to be so much fun. We are going to get decked out like we did last week again! I love those girls!!!

Speaking of Friday Night Football, I have a bunch of pictures from the last couple of football games. I'll have many more after tomorrow too.

I ♥ Paw Paw Football!Collapse )
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Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Time:12:24 am.
Mood: uncomfortable.
Sometimes I think of the stupid shit I've done in my life. I would really like to just hit myself and say "Dammit Emily, why do you do this to yourself? Why do you put yourself through so much pain?"

I'm such a butthead.

Dear Emily,
Quit being dumb and respect yourself. Stand up for yourself too. Don't let people be mean to you.
♥ Emily.

That's it.
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Saturday, September 17th, 2005

Time:7:42 am.
Mood: awake.
I fucking love the Paw Paw Football team. They beat Lansing Dewitt last night 34-24 and it was the cooooolest ever! I had so much fun at the game. It was amazing. Kyle, Matthew, Cory, Brett, and Alex are my heros for sure. It was so awesome. I was so exited. No one thought that they would win, but they did it! And I couldn't be prouder. Me and the girls rocked the awesome t-shirts we made for the boys. Sarah was sporting Kyle of course, Amy had Brett, Chels had Cory, Megg had both her cousins, Melissa had Jake, Kaylee had Alex, and I had Matt. We got soooo many good pictures. They whole day was just great.


I have practice at nine today and and then I have to work from eleven to ten probably. This should be a fun day!

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Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Time:8:43 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
School on Friday was alright. Not much went on as always. I was so happy we weren't havning practice. After school I went to my mom's house to get some stuff and then I went back to my dad's and just chilled. Chelsey came over and we just hung out and got ready for the game. I had to take Courtney to the school, so we stopped at De's to say Hi. We talked to her for a little bit and then we got hungry. We went to McDonald's and got some food and shakes. They were so good. We then went back to my house to get my money and then we went to the football field. We tailgated with Dede, Cock, and a whole bunch of other people for a little bit then went into the game. Me and Chelsey sat by Kaylee, Megg, Chelsea, Sergio, and Mark. We were screaming soo loud. It was too fun. Paw Paw totally killed Hackett. Kyle had an awesome game. Everyone else did awesome too. Me and Chelsey left about halftime and went to the Mattawan game. We got there expecting Benton Harbor to be killing Mattawan, but they were winning seven to nothing at halftime! We were so happy. They ended up winning twenty-one to seven. It was awesome. I saw Shawny, Elton, and Josh there. I miss those boys! There were soo many annoying people there though. We wanted to shoot ourselves. These guys kept coming up to us and we got soo annoyed. Kory had a sweet game. We waited up for Kory after the game and talked to him for a minute. Then we went back into town. We met up with people and just walked around for a while. I got into a super bad mood though. I wasn't happy. So me and Chelsey both went home. I went straight to bed.

Saturday I had to wake up sooo early. I had practice at nine. It was an easy practice though. I had to leave early to go to work though. It was an okay day. I made almost fifty working out on the cafe. After lunch, Molly and I went and got an elephant ear and just ate it out on the cafe. Ferris came and joined us too. I ended up getting sent home though. I was so happy I didn't have to work the night. I went over to Chelsey's house to get her so we could get ready for the night. We came back to my house so I could change and then we went into town. We met up with Sarah, Kyle, and Sergio and just hung out with them. I saw Chris Gendron. I love that kid. He is so fucking cute and I told my dad I was going to marry him. I talked to him for a little bit. Of course, you see EVERYONE at Grape and Wine fest. So we just talked to people and everything. Me and Chelsey ended up leaving and going over to Kory's house. When we got there it was Kory, Shane, Bryan, Dan, Drew, DC, and Kristen. They were watching the Ohio State/Texas game of course. I can't believe Texas won! I'm glad they did though. But I like both teams, so I guess I can't complain. The guys played poker for a while of course. Wil came over a little while later too. We ended up staying there till about four I think. It was fun though. Those guys are so fun to hang out with. I got crammed onto the couch with Jeff and Shane. They were smushing me. It was funny. Then Dan decided to smush me on the couch too. And put random numbers in my phone. It was funny. I was sooo tired though.

We got up this morning at probably eight and I took Chelsey home, got coffee, and went home to get ready for work. Work was a bitch. My boss was being a bitch. I was in a horrible mood and I wanted to cry so bad. But it was over with soon enough, so I survived it. I came home and went tanning. Then I met Neva and Courtney at Main Street and ate dinner with them. I went over to Sarah's too and hung out with her and Kyle and Sergio for a little bit. I love all of them. They are my favorite peoples. But now I am just home, hanging out. I need to go to bed. I am soo tired.

Boys = Make me mad. :[

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Time:10:38 pm.
Mood: curious.
I want someone to cuddle with. I want someone to hold my hand. I want someone where I pick up my ringing cell, see their name, and get the biggest smile on my face. I want someone to talk to about absolutley nothing and everything. I want someone to take naps with. I want someone whos hair I can play with. I want someone to be there after my games when I come out of the locker room, kiss my head, and say "Good game babe." I want someone to kiss. I want someone to kiss my forehead. I want someone I can sit at home, do nothing, and still have fun. And I want someone who I can go out with and have a great time. I want someone who would take me out to a cute, nice dinner. I want someone who isn't afraid to go out with his friends and be worried I'm mad. I want someone to treat me good. I want someone who I can treat good. I want someone who I can act my retarted-self around. I want someone who can make me laugh. I want someone who will sit up at the lake with me. I want someone who would go for walks with me. I want someone who would shoot some baskets with me or toss a football around. I want someone who I am exited to see all the time. I want someone who isn't afraid to tell me what's on his mind. I want someone who will tell me I'm being a bitch. I want someone who would surprise me on my Birthday. I want someone to spend the night with. I want someone to wrap their arms around me when I'm sad and just hold me. I want someone whos family I can talk to and feel a part of. I want someone to feel the same way as I do. Basically....I want someone. ♥

Can you tell I wish a lot? Haha.

I just thought about that a lot. I hate feeling that way too. At times I want to be single. At times I want someone. But more of the times it's that I want someone. I really shouldn't worry about it so much, but it's always in the back of your head.

ANYWAYS! I thought I'd write that out since it was on the mind. But today we played Mattawan and lost. It was a sweet game though. I had two points. GO EMILY! Haha..RIGHT. But I thought I had a better game than the last three. Ohh well. Everyone did sweet. I'm proud of my girls. Dede and Chelsey- X! Haha. I love it.

That's about it. Just waiting for the weekend to come. It's the Grape and Wine Festival. I have to work ALL day Saturday. Friday I am hanging out with Sarah, Kyle, and Sergio I think. Hopefully Saturday night's plans go good with Chelsey. I'd be a happy camper. He is SUCH A CUTIE Chels!

I need to take a shower. And I need to go to bed.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005

Time:3:45 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
You've got to love good weekends.

"Can't I just come over and sit around your house? I'M BORED!!"
The black guy in a green van at Felpaush.
Thinking of sweet songs for the Warm-Up CD.
Girl talks with Nichole.
"Holy shit! I burned my face."
Phone calls.
Ray cancelling her "hot date" to hang with us.
Rhyan's house.
Seeing lots of people.
Nate taking pictures.
Rhyan skateboarding.
The flag.
Creepy guy annoying Nichole.
Ambrea and her babysitter Alan. :]
Seeing my dear Molly.

I can't realy think of anything else. But it was a fun night. Good times.

I have practice tonight at six. I really don't want to go. Ohh well.

Sorry Whit for not making it out there last night. ♥

That's it for now. I can't wait to get my pictures back.

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Time:12:48 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
The past couple days have had their ups and downs.

Thursday night I ended up going over to Jeff's house and hanging out in the garage with Jeff, Tay Tay, Sledge, Kirk, Matt, Danny, Jesi, and Steve. It was good times. Brough back lots of memories of last summer, which was great. I stayed there till probably one and I came home and passed out.

Friday I woke up and went over to my Dad's. I was learning how to drive the new car, but I was super frustrated and couldn't do it. Me and my Dad got got into another major fight. He found out some things I didn't want him too. It was so horrible. I cried so much when we talked. I hated it so much. I was in such a horrible mood and I just wanted to die I felt so bad. Whitney saved me though and called me to go shopping with him. I love that girl. We had a great time shopping. I got a couple new posters for my new room, two new shirts from Wet Seal, A Tennessee shirt and Detroit shirt, and a pretty new necklace. I also got some chinese which always makes me feel better. We stopped over at Megan's house on the way home and chatted with her for a while. It was fun. Whitney dropped me off probably around seven thirty and I just spent the rest of the night at the house. I was so tired and still not too happy. I went to sleep around eleven I think.

Saturday I had to wake up and go to work. I was in such a horrible mood once again. It didn't help too much that I was on my period too. I wanted to cry the whole day. But it ended up being okay. I had this asshole guy who I thought I was going to kill. Eww. I hate those people so much. I got out of work around three and had to go back in at four. I went back into work but they said I could go home. Thank god. I was so happy. I talked to Nichole and she asked me if I wanted to go to Coldston with her and Ray. It seriously was the perfect thing to get me off my bad mood. Nichole picked me up and we went to Ray's house. We just sat around and talked for a little bit and then headed up to Kalamazoo. We decided to go to the mall and get chinese and it was soo good. Then we went to Coldstone. That place is soooooooo good. I love it now. I got way too much though! But it was worth it. But we had such a good time. It was like the perfect girls night out! Haha. Then Dev calls me and tells us to go to his brother's house. So we went there and it was just the Lawrence and Marcellus guys there. Of course they had been drunk since like two, but it's all good. I love those guys.We got a tour of the new house. It's pretty sweet. They have phrat boys that live next door! Nic, Ray, and I were about to go pay them a visit! Haha. We left there probably around nine. Derek called me and told us to go over to Chad's house, so we headed over that way. It was Derek, Chad, Sam, and Derek's friend Rod. He was super nice. But we just hung out there and talked and everything. Rod and Derek were playing video games of course. But it was good times just sitting around. We left Chad's and decided to get something to eat. Ray and Nichole decided to go home, so I just went with the boys. They just went to McDonald's and got some McFlurries. Then we went to Derek's house because his sister had a bunch of girls over, so we decided to scare them. Rod just tapped on the windows and they screamed sooooo loud! One girl got so freaked out and started to cry. I felt so bad. But we just chilled at Derek's for a while and talked to Mike and all the girls. We left there and came back to my house to chill. They had to leave though, so I just went to bed.

Today I get to start doing my room! I'm too exited. Hopefully I'll get it alll done today. Then I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess we'll see. Whitney is suppose to come over and help me do my room. That'll be fun. But I don't know what else is going on.

I want to say thanks to Whitney, Ray, and Nichole for making me weekend great. I love you girls. ♥

I've got to go and get some stuff done. ♥
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Time:11:15 pm.
Mood: blah.
I miss it. I miss him. It's weird how all of a sudden, I want to be back in his arms like it use to be. I want to give him a kiss again. It's weird how it's been a long time, and now I am thinking about him. Wow. I hate how this is.

First week of school down, soo many more to go. The first week wasn't that bad though to be honest. It didn't even feel like we were out of school for summer break. Ohh well. We had two games in a row though. We played at Vicksburg yesterday and beat them 35-31. It was a very close game. All the girls did fabulous though. I didn't play too much, but it's all good. And then we traveled to Dowagiac tonight and beat them 58-55. That was a close game too. Everyone did great. Hay dislocated her finger though. And Ray hurt her ankle. Everyone always gets hurt at Dowagiac. FUCK YOU CHIEFTENS! :] Me and Dede and Chelsey have made the new club called "Phantom X". It's the best part of the team. But I do honestly love all the rest of the girls on my team as well. We all bond super good and we all get along. I love it. The season is going to be fun!


I don't like the feeling that I've been used. It sucks. :/

Four day weekend. I'm glad. I have no idea what is going on, but I'm happy. I really hope I get to move into my brother's room this weekend. I need to get that shit done and over with! He's coming back tomorrow though I think. So mabey he'll help me. I have to work on Saturday. That's about it. I'm a big fat loser.

I'm gonna go though. ♥
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Monday, August 29th, 2005

Time:10:50 pm.
Mood: tired.
Summer was awesome. Too many fun times. But I loved it. Wouldn't of wanted it any other way. Thanks to all who made it beyond great. So Long Sweet Summer. ♥

First day of school was good. It felt like we just got back from a weekend break. It was weird. But I am exited for this year.
1st Hour: Personal/Family Living with Ms. Lee! I love that woman! It's going to be a fun class. I have it with Dede, Kaylee, Chelsea, MJ, Sam, and Kevin.
2nd Hour: English 11 with Mr. Roehrig. I have it with Nicky, Tapper, Ross, Emily, and Noel.
3rd Hour: FST with Mr. Pierce. This class is going to be sweet! I have it with Nichole, Huggy, Derek, Tesha, John, Phil, Sam, Chad, and Kristy. Yay!
And I have first lunch! Yay.
4th Hour: American Government with Mr. Herbert. I have it with Huggy, MJ, and Bubba.
5th Hour: Chemistry with Mrs. Odziana. I have it with Whitney, Chelsea, Bubba, Alex, Heather, and a new kid Andres, who is so fucking adorable. Me and Whitney are gonna be his best friend. Right Whit?
6th Hour: Weight Training with Mr. Warmack. I have it with Ali, Jake, Brett, Mike, and a new girl, Brooke, who seems super nice.

So this year should be a good one. I'm exited.

We had out first basketball game tonight too. We played at Northern and killed them by twenty I think. I started, which made me happy. But I played okay throughout the game. Nothing too special. Everyone did good though. Hay was a scoring machine. Atta girl.

I'm about to go to bed though. I'm a tired little girl. It's a full day tomorrow. WhoooHooo.

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Friday, August 26th, 2005

Time:9:41 am.
Mood: awake.
Thursday I had to get up bright and early and leave with my mom and brother for Central. It was such a long drive! Ugh! But it was okay. It was pretty hectic there. But all the people and everything is getting me exited for college! Central has such a nice campus. It's awesome. And the towers are awesome as well. I saw Mikey there! It was pretty random, but it was good to see him. We met my brother's roomates and they are PERFECT for him. They are all alike and everything, so I'm happy for Adam. My mom and I left around one to head home. We stopped at Subway to get something to eat too. We got home around three and I went to the tanners. Then I came home and got ready for practice. Practice was two and a half hours long. BLEH! It wasn't so bad. I'm working my ass off latley. I'm hoping I start on Monday, but if I don't, it's alllll good. :] But after practice I came home, took a shower, and headed over to Chad's. Chad and Derek were playing basketball like doofus'. Then Sam and RJ came over. Derek and I went to his house to see his new puppy. OMG! It's sooo cute. I just wanted to take it home. I want a new puppy! Everyone is getting one. Haha. Then we all just hung out and played some basketball and football. Me and Derek decided to go and play on the Black River playgroud. That place is sweet! Haha. Megan, Whitney, and Amber came over for a little while too. I love those girls. I went home around midnight though.

I have to work today ten till three. Then I have basketball practice four till six. Then Chelsey and Dede are coming over and we are getting ready for the Mattawan football game. Yay! I'm exited to watch Kory play! I get to see Wil too! I havn't seen that tall black man in forever! Haha. Hopefully I'll see a bunches of other people too!

But I gotta go to work. I'll finish updating later!

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Time:12:17 am.
The past couple of days have been good.

Sunday night I went and saw Forty Year Old Virgin with Amber, Noel, and Megan. That was fun. Noel was being loud and crazy. I was dying. These guys in the back of us were hilarious as well. After the movie, we were going to go and visit Kev, but that didn't happen. We went back to Megan's house and I got my car and went home. I talked to Luke for a little bit on the phone. Then I crashed. I was tired and kind of upset. :/ But thank you girls so much for a fun night. ♥

Monday I had to go to work. There was NO ONE working. It was only three of us and two new girls that are starting. We had to train them and do all our stuff too. It was a very busy day. I waited on Marc's aunt Patty and his grandma. And of coure they were a delight to wait on. They are soo nice. I also had these two older ladies right at the end of lunch who were just awesome. They were soo nice and I just talked to them for a while. They were so sweet. I ended up making fifty-five bucks. So that was awesome. Especially for a lunch. I went home and had to watch Lilly for a little bit. I had to take her over to my grandparents though because I had to get ready for basketball pictures. My dad wanted to take a couple pictures of me as well, so I have one of those to post as well. But I went there and just sat around. I talked to Kyle for a little bit. I got to see Jake too. I was happy to see them. After pictures we had practice. Coach was super pissed at us because he thought it wasn't a good practice. Ohh well. We got out about nine thirty. I just went to my mom's, then my dad came and picked me up. Then I just passed out. I was soo tired!

I woke up this morning early to go and watch Lilly at my mom's house. I watched her for a while, but she fell asleep. So I jumped in the shower and got ready to go get lunch. I talked to Sarah and she said that she was going with me and Dev, so I went and picked her up at her house. We went and picked up Kyle too and went to Gallegher's. Dev met us there. HE HAS A MOHAWK! But I love it. I guess that is what drunkenness will do to you. Haha. It was a fun little lunch. Then we left and Sarah, Kyle, and I went to the Bistro to get some dessert. It was soo good. Sarah and Kyle came over to my house so they could see Lilly. Sarah is in love with that baby. It's too funny. I took them back to Sarah's and went and picked up my mom. We went back to her house and I watched Laguna, then I went back over to my dad's. I had to go to the school to go to our scrimmage. It was in St.Joe and I rode with Ray and Nichole. It was a fun ride of course. Ray and her randomness killed me of course. We did okay at the scrimmages. Nothing too awesome. Nothing too horrible. You know how that goes. We got back to the high school around eight thirty I think. I just went home and chilled. Luke, Zach, and Hessler were over at Mike's house, so I talked to them for a little bit. Luke kept throwing the football at me. He's a doofus. Mike leaves tomorrow for Ferris, so I had to say Bye! I talked to Whitney and we decided to have a talk for a little bit. It was her Mom's birthday, so I made her a little card. She loved it. And of course we had a great talk as always. Whitney; You are my fucking therapist. I love you too damn much. Haha. I left her house and went and got some fries from McDonald's. They just sounded really super good. And now I am home, just hanging out.

Tomorrow should be a fun, yet busy, day. I am getting up and calling the school to get my schedule changed. Then Dede, Chelsey, and I are going shopping! Yay! I love shopping too much. Then we are going over to Hay's to work on some basketball stuff. Then we have a scrimmage against Gobles. Everyone should go! It's six thirty at the high school. Come watch us! :]

I finally have a car. I've decided to keep the Shadow. I'm still scarred to drive it because of the whole stick shift thing. But I'll get use to it. I gotta go practice soon. It's a cute little car. A piece of crap, but I'll deal with it. Haha.

School countdown: Five days.

The first football game is on Friday! I'm not sure if I'm going to Paw Paw's yet. Ray and Nichole want me to go to the Gull Lake game with them. So I have no idea yet. I guess we'll see when Friday rolls around.

I'm going up the Central Thursday morning with my mom and brother to move him in! I can't believe he's leaving!!! It's going to be so weird. I'll miss the little fucker. But the good thing about it is that I get to start redoing his room and making it into mine! Hehe. I'm evil. Everyone is leaving this week. It's sad. There are a lot of people that I'll miss.

Happy 18th Birthday to Eric! Hope it's a good one! ♥

But I'm going to go to bed. Here are some pictures I finally promised!! They are from a couple weeks ago though, so bare with me. :]

So long Sweet Summer.Collapse )
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Saturday, August 20th, 2005

Time:11:31 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
Life is not treating me good right now. I'm fucking up like no other. I need to make some changes.

Last night treated me good though. Hanging out with Whitney, Amber, Megan, and Brea. That made me very happy. Lots of laughing. It was great. ♥

And I thank you girls for that.

Wow. I think I miss him a little bit? Weird huh?

I'm going to go though. I need to sleep.

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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Time:3:38 pm.
Mood: amused.
Last night ended up being a reall chill night. I just hung out online for most of the night and was in bed by 11:00. It felt good to do nothing though. Whitney called me and so did Sean Todd, which was very random. But I got a good nights sleep.

I worked today and made about thirty five bucks. So that was good. It was pretty busy and I worked in the pub with Natalie and Cara. Now I have to give my mom a ride to work and then go to basketball. I have no idea what is going on tonight. Mabey it will be another hang out and be a loser night.

I love Journey. :]

I still can't believe how fast the summer has gone. It's too insane.

I'm giving up on it. It's not worth it anymore. I have much, MUCH better things to worry about. Just stay happy! :]

I need to do my picture post soon, but I'm afraid to go over to my dad's to use the computer. Isn't that kind of sad.

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Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Time:4:22 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
Tuesday night I ended up going over to Luke's to hang out for a while. We just sat around and talked about a lot of things. It was nice to just talk about things with him. And we watched A LOT of Fresh Prince. I went home probably around two.

Yesterday was fun. Molly picked me up around noon or so and we went and visited Alex. I hadn't seen him in FOREVER! We talked to his mom and him forever just about old times and just about our lives now. Alex's mom didn't even believe it was me when Molly told her my name. It was funny. But we were there for probably an hour. Then we decided to go and visit Cole. He was being crabby though. It was funny. Then we just sat around with Cole, Brian, and Paul. Paul is one funny guy. After we left there, we went back to my house so I could get the car, and then we headed out to Matt's. We got there and it was Matt, Bobby, Carson, Molly, and Me. We went out on the boat and went tubing and stuff. It was soo much fun. Kenzie came out as well. I had to leave at 5:00 for basketball. It was an okay practice. Nothing too bad. We are just trying to get everything together before all the games start. It should turn out good though. After practice I came home and took a shower. While I was in the shower, I hear someone come in and yell "EMILY!" And it was Molly. I was like What the heck! She goes "Hurry up, everyone is waiting in the car for you!" So I quick got out and headed outside. It was everyone in Mike's big Excursion. It was Mike, Matt, Molly, Kenz, Bobby, Matt, Carson, Kurt, and me. We all went to Matt's house and headed out on the boat. It was soo much fun. It was all of us, just hanging out, talking, and having a great time. It was soo nice and clear out too. The moon was huge and the stars were so pretty. It was just a perfect summer night. I'm going to miss those too much. We took soo many pictures, so I'll be sure to have a HUGE picture post of the last couple of weeks soon. Then we went in shore and started a little fire. I was sitting in the chair about to pass out. Molly and me left around 1:00 probably. She took me home and I just passed out.

I got up today around 9:00 and got ready for work. I went and got some coffee too. Work was pretty busy. I made about thirty bucks. Matt, Mike, and Kurt came in. It was sad when they left because I probably won't see them for a while. Hopefully though. I got out about 3:00 and then I went to the tanners. Now I'm home just relaxing till basketball. I have it from 6:30 till 9:00 tonight. It seems soooooo long. I have no idea what I am doing after it. I might just come home and sleep. I've been soooo exhausted latley, it's insane.

The summer is slowly closing to an end. We have a little more than a week left. It's too sad. I had such an awesome summer. I would not change one thing about it. I'm sure next week I'll have a summer rememberance post for sure.

I'm gonna get going. Basketball is going to be a BITCH tonight. :[

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Time:9:59 pm.
Mood: curious.
Last night was good times. I don't really feel like going into detail. But it was fun times. Being crazy with Mol is such good times as well. We had a good time. Once again, didn't get any sleep at all last night. I've been soo horrible at that. I went out to breakfast with Molly, Kenz, Luke, and Mike. It was fun. Sooo yummy. I came home and was just lazy all day. It was great though. I should of taken a nap, but that wasn't working out for me. I had basketball at six. It was okay today. We decided on the team shirts that we want and we got out uniforms and bags. Watch out for #21 bitches. Because that's me. No, I'm just kidding. Haha. At first when I got to practice, Hay handed me an envelope and it was another letter from Lake Superior State University for track! This is the second one they've sent me. They sent one my freshman year as well. So I thought that was kind of cool. After practice I came home and then went to Felpaush to take cans back for some money! There were soo many people there tonight. It was insane. But then I went and got some Subway and came home. I'm going to bed early tonight! I need some freaking sleep.

I'm done though. Ohh yeah. And HI MATTY!!! Happy?! ♥

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